What are the types of lawn mowers?

Weeds have settled in your grass? It’s time to pass the mower. Find out what type of mower is right for you. The 2 main types of lawn mowers The brands mainly offer 2 versions of lawnmowers: self-propelled and self-propelled.

Here are the characteristics of each model: – The self-propelled mower is equipped with one or more forward speeds. Its height of cut is variable to adapt to the type of turf. It has a single wheel in the front to sneak easily into the thick vegetation. –

The riding mower has several speeds and a reverse. Unlike the self-propelled version, it often has a suspension and sometimes 4-wheel drive. It is possible to add a grass catcher to recover cut grass ejected at the rear. The criteria for choosing your lawn mower In view of the different models available in store or online , to choose your lawn mower ,

here are the points to take into account. Whether you have chosen a lawn mower or self-propelled, you must take into account the vegetation and the surface of your land. For example, if your garden is overgrown with brambles and brambles, it is better to buy a model with a heat engine to enjoy exceptional power. The cutting system is also to be considered. It differs depending on the mower. The crankcase, the blade, the grass catcher and the belt are also elements that should be taken into account when choosing your lawn mower.