Repurposed vanity almost there

I’ve almost finished the vanity and I think it looks terrific. There were minimal repairs needed so after some sanding I was ready for the fun part. Painting. Back in the 30’s and 40’s which is when I suspect this piece was made, manufacturers used a stain that can be very hard to cover. It likes to seep thru the paint. Any paint. I don’t care how many layers of paint. So save yourself some time (and paint) and put a coat of shellac over the stain before you paint.

I like to paint or somehow dress up the drawer boxes and this was no exception. I anticipate these drawers will hold make up and assorted toiletries so I painted them with an exterior black paint for durability.The body of the cabinet is done in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Gray with minimal distressing and top coated with an exterior poly for water resistance.

And finally I applied silver leaf to the original drawer pulls with a very light wash of ASCP Graphite.As beautiful as it is, I’m not quite finished.How many times have you seen a perfectly lovely piece of furniture but wondered, what in the world would I do with it? Antique and thrift stores are full of perfectly good furniture that is out of style.

I mean who sits down in front of a vanity and does their makeup? I’m happy to run a comb thru my hair in the morning. But how could I pass on this beautiful piece of furniture? Just look at the detail and the elegant lines. Sooo… I’m going to turn this outdated vanity into…..a vanity.