How to increase the value of a house Part 2

Invest in new devices. A new oven, washing machine or refrigerator indicates to the potential buyer that the house is well equipped. On the contrary, decrepit appliances will indicate to the buyer that your home needs expensive new equipment and repairs, which reduces its value. Buy at least one new device if you can not afford more. Get a brand new dishwasher, which gives the impression that all your appliances are trendy. A new chrome oven, however, will seem displaced in the middle of old appliances and old game. Opt for new front ends of your appliances if your budget is tight. The front of an oven or a dishwasher can often be removed and replaced with a new one if you call the manufacturer and ask to change.

5 Replace worn, damaged or stained flooring.

Old carpets and damaged tiles will all drive down the value of your home when it goes on sale. Tear off old flooring and worn tiles, clean the floor or have a new floor installed. Investing a thousand euros in a new coating will increase the value of your house by two thousand euros. Start with the most important rooms such as the kitchen or living room if you want to change the flooring. These are the parts that most buyers notice first.Tile tiles in very dirty rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Put a wooden floor in the living room or dining room and carpeting or parquet in the bedrooms.The most recent trends are against carpeting, as most consumers prefer wood floors.

6 Pay attention to the small details.

The smallest repairs can make your home look better and more expensive. Swap the shower curtain against a clear glass wall. The more problem areas you raise from potential buyers, the more likely you are to sell your home at a good price. Here are some changes you could do: a new carpet in front of the front door,new switches for lighting,new faucets and door handles,new tile borders in the kitchen and bathroom.